about nordgren performance active clothing

Each nordgren garment has been engineered three dimensionally on the body resulting in an extremely comfortable, functional and elegant fit. All core body seaming uses 2 operations to create a stretch double needle construction that is long lasting and beautifully tailored. The inner waistband of the bottoms is designed to securely hug the body about one inch below the natural waist. Everything is made with skill and care right here in the USA.

We are introducing three key pieces that form the foundation of our collection of garments to work out in. In the coming months we will introduce additional pieces that will give you more options for all of the activities you take part in. We want to hear from you – let us know about your experience with our product. Let us know what you like and what we can improve on. We look forward to becoming an essential component of your athletic wardrobe.

fabric description

Our fabrics have been selected from Europe’s finest knitted fabric mills. They have been chosen for performance properties; silky luxurious handfeel; and elegant matte finish.

vee neck tee & tank top: light compression jersey

A silky, supremely soft blend of 84% nylon Super* microfiber and 16% Lycra  -  our matte-finish, light compression jersey provides a comfortable first  layer with light muscle support for all fitness pursuits from running and cycling to weight training and hot yoga. While providing absolute comfort and an elegant fit - our jersey stands up to the toughest workout. Moisture-wicking allows sweat to move quickly to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate faster.

capri pant: heavy compression jersey

A comfortable, highly supportive blend of 66% nylon Super* microfiber and 34% Lycra - our matte-finish, super compression jersey provides the ultimate muscle support for running, cycling, weight training and Pilates. Extra lycra supports muscle function allowing for more strenuous workouts with faster recovery. Extra lycra also streamlines and enhances the body’s natural contours. Moisture-wicking allows sweat to move quickly to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate faster keeping you more comfortable throughout your workout.

*what is “super” microfiber?

“Micro” fiber refers to the size of the yarn used to knit the fabric and can only be called “Micro” if the size of the yarn is smaller than 100 denier. What makes the fabric in nordgren garments “Super” micro fiber is yarn that is smaller than 150 denier (higher number denoting smaller yarn size). Why is that something special? The smaller the yarn, the silkier the finish, the denser the knit and the more luxurious the garments feel on the body.

Very few knitting mills have the skill required to handle such fine yarns. That is why we are so proud of the fabric used to create all nordgren garments.

attention: care instructions

While our fabrics feel silky and luxurious to the touch they can be tossed into the washing machine at 40°c warm cycle. Due to the high lycra content in both fabrics the garments must be air dried however. Why? Because the heat of the dryer will break down the lycra which gives our fabric it’s unique handfeel and performance properties. So please air dry your nordgren garments for best & most long wearing results.