Cassis Colored Tank Top

Smoke Colored Tank Top

tank top

• Streamlined tank top with engineered front to back seaming that enhances fit and performance

• Shoulder wraps to back meeting at center back in signature rectangle for extra support and sleek fit

• Scoop neck and armhole have been designed to cover the majority of sports bras and yet allow complete freedom of movement

• Stretch double needle tailoring throughout

• Tailored in 84% nylon Super* microfiber 16% lycra light compression jersey with matte finish

*What is “Super” Microfiber?
“Micro” fiber refers to the size of the yarn used to knit the fabric and can only be called “Micro” if the size of the yarn is smaller than 100 denier. What makes the fabric in nordgren garments “Super” micro fiber is yarn that is smaller than 150 denier (higher number denoting smaller yarn size). Why is that something special? The smaller the yarn, the silkier the finish, the denser the knit and the more luxurious the garments feel on the body.

Very few knitting mills have the skill required to handle such fine yarns. That is why we are so proud of the fabric used to create all of our nordgren garments.