Kerrie Ann Frey’s Wear Test


Kerrie Ann Frey (FitMomUSA) is based in Louisiana where it is hot and humid for most of the year. With three children and a seriously active lifestyle including a career as a health & fitness writer and presenter, I was truly excited to get her input on nordgren performance active clothing!! Here’s what she had to say:

“When I go on vacation, I always bring my workout clothes – run, bike, swim, pilates, dance. Gotta get it in!

When we went to the beach for this summer’s last vacation, I brought nordgren active wear with me to test it out for its “beach-ability”. Well, that and the first pictures I took didn’t come out because my children had taken out the memory card from the camera to play Nintendo DS pretend games in the car.

By the time I headed out for vaca, I had already worn and washed the shirt and capris at least once. Wash test? Passed with flying colors!

Color remained true, fabric didn’t shrink, pill or change in any way.

I had worn the clothes teaching Pilates; subbing for Spin classes; running in the humid mornings of Louisiana and running errands after work.


The only time I didn’t feel totally comfortable was in the grocery store. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to wear form-fitting workout wear to work and I got some looks because the pants do fit. As in f.i.t. It’s not that they are tight, they just hug my body the way they are supposed to – comfortably and snugly to perform my best during exercise. I didn’t have time to explain that to the man behind the seafood counter so I put my cart in front of me and stared him down until he gave me my shrimp. Local shrimp, thank you very much.

Back to vacation…

We are at the beach and having had the previous photos from the studio not work out (pun intended), I wanted to take some photos after my mat workout in the condo. So I got supine and prepped for Pilates. I enjoy doing Pilates in these clothes as they enable me to watch my form perfectly, and they don’t hike up in strange places. The softness of the material allows for perfect articulation and it just plain feels good.

So there I was, mindfully practicing Pilates when two punks jumped into my room, leapt on top of me during my 100s prep and proceeded to attack. Ok. It’s two of my children bombarding me which actually inspired me – heavy weight at the end of the leg lever adds a totally different dimension than just a ball or circle between the ankles. I will be happy to loan out my children for such practice of your own. Just give me a ring!

My review of the wear – perfect feel, great fit, even better wash and wear-ability. Lovely! Would like to see the shirt a little longer for some Pilates moves and look forwards to the long-sleeved version for winter!”


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Downward Dog

My friends and family know me as a person who lives joyfully and also often takes things seriously. When I volunteered to wear-test for nordgren I took the challenge seriously!

The day my capri pant and tank arrived, I was rushing out to the gym. I quickly opened the package and pulled the tank out. I remember stopping to remark aloud, “NICE!” The feel of the fabric is amazing. I am always like the princess & the pea. Even when tags are removed, or info is printed rather than tagged, I often find irritation spots. I love the feel of the fabric of both the tank and capri pant. I always wash before wearing and began my wear test the next Monday at my trainer’s studio.

When I put on the capri pant I immediately noticed there were no potential rub-points. That made me VERY happy. The seams are *perfectly* designed for a flattering fit. I have worn many different styles of compression shorts and tights. These capris are 100% of what I would want. They are the perfect combination of enough and not too much of every feature. The only styling change that I would suggest is a choice of rise lengths when ordering. If you look in the one photo of me lifting, you see a gap at the small of my back. The other solution would be a longer tank. I would love to try these in a full length tight and also a longer boy-short style.

When I put on the tank I noticed the difference in the fabric from the capri pant. I had initial concern that it may be too clingy in the heat & humidity. The first wearing I was inside a gym so the first test, lifting wouldn’t address that concern.



One of the additional positives I found is there was no riding up or down of either the capri pant or the tank. There was no rubbing etc. I never had to adjust anything during a full hour training session. I wasn’t ever aware of what I was wearing; that s a compliment!!



Everyone at YOGA heard raves about the products I was testing I lifted the edge of the tank saying, “Feel this fabric!” Everyone also remarked about the perfect styling of capri pant. I did once again think I would like a longer tank. Note, the tank stayed close to my torso and didn’t fall DOWN during inverted YOGA poses. NICE!! I never felt my clothing interfered with my practice.



I was on vacation a few weeks ago and thought I would try a sweat test. I ran 7 miles in Coronado, CA. While on the Silver Stand I was joined by the NAVY and SEALS training.. I know I was having much more fun running that day then they were! In the post run photo note I had been wearing a fuel belt. I was incredibly impressed with the non-clammy no-cling feel of the fabric even when immediately removing the fuel belt.

I loved testing for nordgren and hope I am asked again. More than that, I am looking forward to an expanded product line!! BRAVO!!

What Women Are Saying About n o r d g r e n Performance Activewear


At the beginning of the summer we asked for wear testers* to try out n o r d g r e n performance activewear. Fifteen women rose to the challenge and we’re excited to share the results!! Women from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Arkansas and Louisiana took part in our wear test. Activities participated in while wearing n o r d g r e n included yoga, running, hiking, weight training, spin class, Pilates and Crossfit. We were especially pleased to note that the wear testers took their task very seriously, making sure they did several activities, working up a real sweat to test breathability and wickability, laundering the product, testing it in their daily life while playing with their kids and even rolling around on the carpet with family pets!! We’ve received some excellent written reviews, terrific photos and even video! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing individual stories from our wear testers.

The response to the fabric has been universally positive:

“Very soft and comfortable!”

“I love wearing them – they are SO comfortable; the fabric is nicer than any gym type of clothes I’ve ever worn.”

“The fabric felt wonderful while sweating.”

“perfect feel”

“The fabric is amazingly soft.”

“The feel of the fabric is amazing.”

“The capris compression is PERFECT! I love compression but without the ensuing body bulges. Yours is the first I have tried that is perfect for that.”

“Fabric is great – really yummy on the body.”

For most women the fit and design of the garments was also enthusiastically received:

“the pants are quite flattering as they do a nice job of smoothing out my jiggles!”

“I really like the design as well, especially the fact that the tank covers my bra straps and the lower waist of the pants.”

“the style is elegant and sophisticated.”

“The shirt fit great and looked great.”

“they hug my body the way they are supposed to do so – comfortably and snugly to perform my best during exercise.”

“I enjoy doing Pilates in these clothes as they enable me to watch my form perfectly, and they don’t hike up in strange places.”

“The seams are perfectly designed for a flattering fit.”

While the overwhelming majority of the feedback received has been extremely positive, we also received very specific comments about where improvement can be made. We will also share those comments as they give us a great opportunity to take the product to an even higher level and add desired items to the product assortment.

Please click on the main photo at the top to try n o r d g r e n performance activewear for yourself!

*A special thank you to Nick Livingstone who conceived the parameters of the Wear Test!!