Caitlin Terry – Static Trapeze – WOW!


Opening these spectacular photos of Caitlin Terry’s wear test of nordgren performance activewear provided nothing short of a jaw-dropping WOW reaction! The skill and physical strength required to perform these moves in such a graceful and easy fashion is clearly immense. So Bravo Caitlin!!

Here’s Caitlin’s take on nordgren performance activewear:

“Static Trapeze: This is a sport where tight-fitting clothes are a MUST and therefore the capris were perfect! I found that the weight (thickness) of the material was a plus as it offered a little more protection between my skin and the bar/rope of the trapeze.”

“The tank top is great for all of my hobbies – rowing, running, boxing, trapeze! It is soft to the touch (which I love!) light, airy and was not intrusive at all during different degrees of movement.”

Thank you Caitlin for your input and these amazing photos!!