Brynne Cross Trains in nordgren Activewear!!


Let me start by saying, I love your product!  It looks great, it moves easily, there is none of that “funny” rubbing feel of cheap fabric and the style is elegant and sophisticated. I also really like the sense of having my ’lumps’ smoothed out without feeling like I can’t breath or being squashed into my clothes. I will have no problem recommending you and your products to any of my friends.


On me, the pants came just below my belly button which was nice.  The fabric felt wonderful while sweating.  Perspiration absorbed into the fabric but did not weigh me down, drip all over me, over heat me or make me feel uncomfortable in any way.


As someone who typically wears a pair of old sweats and a tee shirt, I can tell you the difference is marvelous…motivating too.

Photos of Brynne Hawrylak courtesy of Kacey and Matt Aronson

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